14. 12. 2011.

Benefits of Partnership Actions project for local NGO

Center for the Protection and Research of Birds in Montenegro took a part in this project with a small action called „The winds across Montenegro- birds as indicators of nature protection quality“ and wish to use birds protection and EU Wild Birds Directive for promotion of Natura 2000 in public.
Before small local actions, two trainings were held: on lobbying (in Belgrade, June 2010) and on communication (Podgorica, 2010) I have used opportunity to determinate how to present in an interesting way Natura 2000 to public. Some of the methods used to present Natura 2000 to participants during trainings I could use directly in education on local level. With these good bases I have started local action. First step in campaign was lectures for adults, followed education for kids – with placing bird houses (during International day of migratory species), I have organized media promotion, internet promotion (blog, email list of Natura Info Center, website...).
All the inputs we have got during two training were very useful for conducting small action. We did not have to think about financial aspect and it gave us time to dedicate out capacities to building relationship and establishing contacts with all interested or involved in nature protection.
“The biggest benefit for our organization from this project is that we have established connections with citizens interested in topic, with institutions working on nature protection and we involved youth and kinds in our activities”.
At the same time message about Natura 2000 is successfully spread around and the doors are open for future cooperation as lack of knowledge and wrong believing are overcome.
Organization increased number of members and popularity in public, mostly among young people.
For me project brought many positive things. It made to learn spontaneously, though lectures and talk with people, how to give the message about Natura 2000 and nature protection in general, and how to adjust these massages to different age groups.
Being in touch with people I have collected much useful information about current public opinion which allowed me to stream my energy on concrete questions and giving most efficient answers.
It brought me new relationships and better connection with nature protection activities. This was one of the actions on which I have been working independently it gave me opportunity to, with the help of Green Home and WWF, get involved and understand better all aspects of project management.
Number of organizations, from Serbia and from Montenegro, participated in this project which is really important for making united team with the same aim-nature protection.
The project allowed linking all actions, which is the key for success of all organizations, and if this system of information exchange and support continues, it is the biggest achievement of the project “Partnership actions for biodiversity protection in Western Balkan”.
I have two big objections/critics: first one is about time when we started local actions- it was postponed and brought us time limitation; the second one is about financial management done by Green Home- our service providers were waiting long to get paid and some of them even broke cooperation with us.
This has to be improved for future cooperation.

Bjanka Prakljacic, Center for the Protection and Research of Birds

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