15. 12. 2011.

Cooperation between NGOs and institutions as a basis for establishment of Natura 2000 in Montenegro

After two years of the project "Partnership Action for Biodiversity Protection in Western Balkans” and three years of the project "Strengthening the Capacity of Governments and Civil Sector in Serbia and in Montenegro to adapt to EU Nature Protection Acquis” we are happy to see that things related to nature conservation in Montenegro are moving in a positive direction (although very slowly). Given the changes that were happening in the relevant Ministry through this period (3 Ministers in 2 years) and small number of employees in nature conservation sectors, the research on species and habitats in Montenegro has been successfully completed. Additionally, the reference list of species and habitats for Natura 2000 (in line with the Habitats Directive) and the draft catalogue of habitats in Montenegro have been prepared. A young team of experts was employed by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism to fulfil the database with field results and to help mapping data needed for Natura 2000.
Members of Natura 2000 Info Center network were very active

On the other hand, we had active environmental NGOs. During the implementation of both projects, they were interested and committed to strengthening their capacities to participate and take an active role in preparation for Natura 2000 in Montenegro. Today we have a network of NGOs - Natura 2000 Info Centre. It includes 35 organizations that are trained to communicate, lobby, make campaigns and promote the topic. The network communicates with relevant authorities for biodiversity protection in the European Commission in Brussels or professional international NGOs in the region. They help organize thematic activities for capacity building or meetings for networking and cooperation of different sectors (environment, forests, water management, agriculture, transport, tourism), especially for high conservation value areas, in which there is potential ''conflict” with different development approaches.
Although it’s still too early to talk about Natura 2000 areas, there is an overview of what we currently have in Montenegro. However, the quality and detail of data processing depends on Montenegrin experts. Montenegro recognizes the necessity to begin with preparations for the establishment of an ecological network, but state institutions are still not ready to deal with that task. To succeed in this, significantly greater understanding of the EU process is needed, as well as the preparation of technical grounds and motivation of the academic and general community to participate in these very important activities.

Natasa Kovacevic, Green Home

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