16. 04. 2011.

A regional workshop on the impact of dams, ecosystem services and sustainable hydropower

Podgorica, Montenegro – from 7th to 9th of April a regional workshop was held in Podgorica: "The impact of dams, ecosystem services and sustainable hydropower", where participants from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro listened to world-renowned experts from these areas (Dr. Bruno Maiolini, Dr. Erik Gomez, Dr. Jian-Hua Meng). The participants, representatives of various government agencies, ministries and NGOs, had the opportunity to get better acquainted with the various impacts of hydropower facilities on water bodies and examples of sustainable hydropower, with the European Water Directive, Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Most interest has been shown at the lecture of Dr. Erik Gomez - Economic valuation of ecosystem services - a completely new field in economics and political science, which will provide many answers and arguments for an even greater struggle to preserve our ecosystems and their services. Although the evaluation process ecosystem services requires long-term research, the answers provided will be of great assistance to governments, the civil sector and the business world in the creation of new development strategies and business approaches. With the creation of an economic valuation of ecosystems not only do we get information that business circles and governments can understand, but also strong arguments for civil society and their work on nature conservation. The workshop was organized by WWF and the NGO Green Home in Montenegro.

Bojan Stojanovic, WWF

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