09. 09. 2010.

Two Very Interesting Speeches on Biodiversity

At the beginning of this September the EU Belgian Presidency high-level conference "Biodiversity in a changing world" was held in Ghent, Belgium. A very important speech on the theme of biodiversity and the EU position was given ahead of COP10 at Nagoya by Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik. Just a day before Potocnik’s speech, on September 7th, another very important speech was delivered by Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. In the speech he said the following: "To build a resource-efficient Europe, we need to look beyond energy. In the 20th century the world enjoyed phenomenal resource-intensive growth. We saw in the 20th century globally a four-fold growth in population accompanied by a 40-fold growth in economic output. But in the same period we also increased our use of fossil fuels 16 times, our fishing catches 35 times, our water use 9 times. And our carbon emissions increased 17 times…."

Barroso’s speech you can find here
Potocnik’s speech you can read here

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