09. 09. 2010.

NGOs begin to work on Water Framework Directive

July 2010 saw the start of implementation of the project ‘’Preparation of Serbian Public for Participation in Water Protection”, which runs until July 2011. The project team, led by Young Researchers of Serbia, WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme and Environmental Engineering Group, will work on strengthening the capacity of environmental NGOs for the monitoring of EU laws on the water framework in Serbia, with particular attention on the Water Framework Directive.There will be many training courses and meetings, as well as educational materials for NGOs published during the project. How to use the Water Framework Directive, and its connection with the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive are everyday questions in the EU. NGO network “Natura 2000 Resource Center of Serbia” will form a working group that will work only on water issues. The importance of Water Framework Directive in the biodiversity protection is huge and we hope that this project will run many activities in the sector.
Milka Gvozdenovic

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