09. 09. 2010.

Natura 2000 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country rich in biodiversity and, considering the EU perspective of this country, EU accession is surely a key objective. With the main goal of ensuring sustainable development while protecting biodiversity in the region, WWF Mediterranean is supporting B&H in the implementation of EU Nature protection legislation (including Habitats, Birds and Water Framework Directives), but also in building capacity, demonstrating solutions and establishing partnerships for conservation.
In 2007, WWF started an ambitious project to support the implementation of Natura 2000 in the country. Supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the “Europe’s Living Heart“ project aims to improve the nature conservation system in B&H by using Natura 2000.
The project is based on positive collaboration with relevant authorities and specifically aims at provision of strategic support to government institutions in the process of preparation of B&H for Natura 2000 site nomination, including capacity building for identification of habitats and species present in B&H and protected by EU legislation, completion of standard data forms fordefined pilot sites, collection of relevant information, identification of legal and administrative gaps and needs, and setting up mechanisms for transfer of experience regionally related to the process to adapt to EU nature protection standards.
Semra Fejzibegovic

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