14. 07. 2011.

Why Environmental NGOs like EU? Maybe because of operating grants to European environmental NGOs?

For development and implementation of EU environmental policy there is a need for broad dialogue with stakeholders, NGOs also participating in preparatory work and expert groups and conduct research and studies. It is important that NGOs are able to take part in such a dialogue since they have a good understanding of public concerns on the environment. Their presence is important to provide a sound balance in relation to the interests of other actors.

Therefore, the LIFE+ Regulation provides funding of "operational activities of NGOs that are primarily active in protecting and enhancing the environment at European level and involved in the development and implementation of Community policy and legislation" (Annex 1 to the Regulation).

This funding is targeting non-profit making and independent environmental non-governmental organisations active at a European level.

Regarding the application procedure and selection:

· Calls for proposals are published once a year.

· The next application round for grants for 2012 is to be published in autumn 2011.

· The applications are evaluated according to a number of criteria based on their contribution to the priority areas of the 6th Environmental Action Plan (climate change, nature and biodiversity, environment and health, natural resources and waste and horizontal issues).

More info http://ec.europa.eu/environment/funding/intro_en.htm

Andrea Stefan, WWF

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