19. 07. 2010.

Natura 2000 is Focus of Many Projects in Serbia and in Montenegro

Representatives of European NGOs say we should be proud! In their countries NGOs started to work on Natura 2000 much later than we are. In Serbia and in Montenegro we have all conditions to prepare ourselves and to achieve good results.
Natura 2000 is sub-targed or one of activities on many projects. What is happening at the moment?
WWF Mediterranean Programme, in partnership with Yound Researchers of Serbia and organization Green Home from Montenegro, is working on the project ''Strengthening the Capacity Of Governments And Civil Sector in Serbia and in Montenegro to Adapt to EU Nature Protection Acquis ‘’ from the beginning of 2009. The same team works on the project ‘’Partnership Actions for Biodiversity Protection in Western Balkan’’.
Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, in partnership with foreign experts, works on the project ’Strengthening Administrative Capacities for Protected Areas in Serbia (NATURA 2000)" from the beginning of 2010.
IUCN will also, durinig the project ‘’EU Environmental Policies and Strategies in South Eastern Europe: Capacity Building for the Implementation of EU Environmental Policies and Strategies in the F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia’’, work with NGOs in Serbia and in Montenegro. All thet will be fulfilled with the BirdLife International project ‘’Wings across the Balkans: Preparing countries in the Western Balkans for implementing the EU Wild Birds Directive’’.
About the results, activities and recomendations of these projects we will informe you in next issues of the e-newsletter “Natura 2000 in Western Balkans” and on our blog.

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