16. 07. 2010.

Jasminka Radovic, SINP Croatia: Start with preparations ASAP!

Seven years ago, just upon establishment of the State Institute for Nature Protection, Croatia started with preparations for Natura 2000. Detailed preparation, the process of implementation, possible problems and the best advice were the main topics of our interview with Jasminka Radovic, Head of the Department for Nature Impact Assessment in SINP.

With the precious experience you have thanks to the preparations for implementation of Natura 2000 in Croatia, what would be your advice for the countries in the neighbourhood?
My main advice is: start ASAP! Natura 2000 is the biggest and most demanding obligation of nature protection in the process of accession to the EU. Therefore it is crucial in that period to focus all efforts on preparation of the best available proposals of this network. It is important to include all scientific and expert capacities in the country to collect existing data about endangered species and habitats. New data should be collected with field work, and all this should be the basis for determination of Natura 2000 sites. My advice is to invite NGOs from the very beginning. Later on, they will have great importance in future negotiations and evaluation of Natura 2000 proposals together with the European Commission.

Ms. Radovic answered the following questions:
- How can a country prepare best for implementation of Natura 2000
- In what phase is implementation of Natura 2000 in Croatia
- Did you have any problems during PHARE project “Implementation of Natura 2000 in Croatia”
- What is most important in the process of implementation of Natura 2000
- Why is Natura 2000 so important in nature protection
- Do you already know the percentage of Croatia that would be proposed for Natura 2000

The whole interview is available in local language.

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