13. 07. 2012.

Important step for the negotiations for membership of Montenegro in the EU

Nataša Kovačević, NGO Green Home

Nataša Kovačević, Program coordinator for education and capacities development in NGO Green Home, writes about results of the project Natura 2000 in Serbia and Montenegro

Project “Strengthening the capacity of governments and civil sector in Serbia and in Montenegro to adapt to EU nature protection aquis“ was launched at the right time, bringing together key actors in Montenegro when it comes to the first steps to establish a national Natura 2000 ecological network.

Approaching the subject from different angles, we managed to achieve steady introduction of the Montenegrin society about the importance and responsibilities in the establishment of Natura 2000, and on the other hand, to exchange experiences with experts from the region and Europe whose advices and knowledge are of great importance to us.

Once established, databases and reference lists of habitats and species is one of the most important results that will provide further upgrade of information for nomination of important areas that will be a part of the European ecological network.

Through the project it became clear which sector has which role, while on the state institutions remains the further operationalization of the institutions, financial allocations from the budget and the establishment of working groups that will present this very demanding and time consuming process.

Biodiversity data that we found through the work on the project already showed their importance in scientific circles and will be even greater in the forthcoming process of negotiations for membership of Montenegro in the EU, especially when it comes to the opening 27 Chapter of Environment, which is predicted for this year.

Nataša Kovačević, Green Home

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