21. 10. 2010.

Big day for PA4LP
Today at 13:15-14:15 (Japanese time) we are having our PA4LP event – Jim Leape, Ahmed Djoglaf, representatives of 5 ecoregions as speakers, in the main conference hall. We’ll talk about the value of implementing CBD PoWPA at the regional level – such as setting up high-level political agreements (Carpathian convention, Caucasus Biodiversity Council, Big Win), encouraging trans-boundary collaboration (I believe Serbs and Croats will include this in their opening speeches, and Finnish delegation should be there - no worries Emira), attracting donors (Life Web crew will be there), encouraging national governments to be more active and ambitious, catalyzing and focusing the work of large NGOs and other partners (e.g., DAI). This will lead into Jim Leape presenting the idea of replicating this in maybe 20 ecoregions as the next phase at the end of the event, and asking for other partners and ecoregions to think about joining in. It’s very ambitious, but in my opinion worth the try. I’m wearing my lucky suit from COP 9 in Bonn
Deni, reporter from Nagoya

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  1. Šta je PA4LP??????????????????????????

  2. Protected Areas for a Living Planet (PA4LP)...kaj ne!??
    apsolutni hit i konačno implementacija Bonvencije o bioraznolikosti...hm,hmmm, već nakon 20ak godina!

    možeš pogledati više o tome na ovim linkovima:
    ili još bolje, za regionalne stvari na:

  3. uups...to je bila KOnvencija , a ne Bonvencija! sorry